Scrap Stock IV – Mega-edition

Another consequence of being too tired to cook or blog or generally do anything was that my veggie scraps really started piling up. By early this week most of my fridge’s top shelf seemed to be devoted to scraps, waiting like pining lovers for the transformative kiss of the stock pot. So when I finally started to have a bit more energy, it was time to brew up some stock and get that shelf cleared.

I ended up having enough material to make two pots of stock, ending up with 13 cups of rich, savory broth, tinged a beautiful pink from the beet scraps. My freezer is truly well stocked now, which saves me from treating the stock like it is a scarce commodity.

Two pots of scrap stock

In this mega-edition of scrap stock:

Spinach crowns
Garlic peels and trim
Carrot trim and tops
Chard stem
Kale stem
Asparagus trim
Red cabbage trim
Fennel stalks
Apple cores
Radish trim
Leek trim
Green garlic trim
Arugula trim
Sugar snap pea trim
Thyme stalks
Red onion peels and trim
Shallot peels and trim
Mustard green trim
Beet trim
Bay leaves

4 comments on “Scrap Stock IV – Mega-edition

  1. Ms Heather says:

    Hooray! I love stock, I love making stock, I love everything about stock! You should update us on how you like the flavor of these ones, and how you end up using them. I find that beet-rich stocks are especially nice for vegetarian French onion soup, for use in lieu of beef stock. 🙂

  2. Ms Heather says:

    PS. Beautiful photos!

  3. scrumptious says:

    Ooh! Good idea about using beet-rich stock for French onion soup. I will have to try that.

    I usually mention in specific posts when I’ve used stock and what batch, but I haven’t really been keeping notes on how the stock affects the dish. That would be helpful to get a better sense of which stocks to use where!

    (Ha! I am simultaneously leaving a comment to you on the internet and while being with you in person… kinda reminds me of high school, Netting and being on the phone with you at the same time)

  4. […] counter were when I got home, I defrosted my most delicious scrap stock as a base (the delicious batch IV stock that Duck couldn’t stop sipping straight), and put together some summer soup. I tend to have […]

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