Meal by Meal ~ October 2009

What’s left in my box: Sweet potatoes, tomatoes, yellow onions, red onions, apples, oranges, lettuce

October 11, dinner: Cumin-crusted potatoes (5 Spices), Punjabi creamed greens with kale and chard (5 Spices)

October 10, dinner: GF Mac and cheese with green beans, tomatoes, and kidney beans

October 9, dinner: Nasu dengaku (broiled eggplant with miso), steamed bok choy with pickled ginger, sloppy sushi with avocado

October 8, dinner: Quesadilla and fries at Brainwash

October 7, dinner: Noodles from Best of Thai

October 4, dinner: Tofu scramble, sweet potato fries with aioli, tempeh bacon, grape cake

October 2, dinner: Hot-sauce glazed tempeh (Vcon), semi-Nicoise salad with butter lettuce, heirloom tomatoes, green beans, and red onion with Nicoise dressing (no anchovies), white rice

September 29, dinner: Bengan bharta, raita, cucumber sunomono salad, brown rice

September 28, dinner: Potato leek soup made with scrap stock, biscuits, green salad

September 27, dinner: Collard greens and beet greens with tempeh bacon and tomatoes, Deborah Madison tofu, quinoa

August 1, dinner: Sloppy sushi rolls with shitake mushrooms in mirin and sauteed red onions with Shaoxing rice wine, cucumber sunomono with toasted sesame seeds

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