About My Box

In My Box began as a log of my weekly CSA box from Eatwell Farm. Each week I would pick up a box full of produce from the farm at a pickup location in my San Francisco neighborhood.

But, after a year, my time with the Eatwell Farms CSA came to an end. There were many reasons why but I’ll be honest and say that an unrelenting tidal flood of turnips and lettuce week after week was leading to an unacceptable amount of refrigerator-composting behavior on my part. Then I heard about the Eating With the Seasons CSA, where the produce is still seasonal and organic, but it is gathered from many local (and some not-so-local) farms and each week they tell you what’s in season and you get to choose what to receive.

I decided to give this new model a try for a while. A comparison of the two models can be found here. Ultimately this version felt too much like a grocery-delivery service, without the element of surprise, produce that is strictly seasonal and local, and intimate relationship with a particular farm that is, for me, all vital parts of the CSA experience. So I was CSA-less for while, and then for several months I tried out a box from Farm Fresh to You, the CSA service of Capay Farms. You can find out more about how this CSA works at this post.

Currently I am getting a box from Full Circle. It’s similar to Eating With the Seasons in that the box contents are highly customizable and there is also an extensive selection of extra produce and groceries you can add to your order and have delivered with your box. I’m not sure if my lifestyle has changed or if there is some meaningful difference between the two services, but for whatever reason, the Full Circle system is really working for me right now. I do have some guilt because this is not a true CSA in all its political and environmental glory (the produce comes from many farms, all over California, though mainly local, I think). But at this point, in graduate school, what really matters to me is that fresh produce arrives at my home each week, without my needing to go to the store.

Basically, this is all intended to serve as a simple record of what came in each box and what I did with each vegetable and fruit. Also as a place to log any disappointments, errors, special surprises, and other incidents of note. For my own purposes, and as a place to refer people who are curious about the Eatwell Farms, Eating with the Seasons, Farm Fresh to You, and Full Circle CSA boxes.

If you are reading this to just get a general idea of what comes in the box each week in terms of variety and quantity, click on the category “Box Contents” to get a succinct grouping of just the posts that list the contents of each box.

Oh, and everything here is vegetarian, most of it is vegan, and everything, with maybe 2 or 3 exceptions, is gluten-free!

5 comments on “About My Box

  1. bibomedia says:


  2. conchaschica says:

    Really nice post. Here’s an updated story that features several SF CSAs: http://bit.ly/SFCSAs.

  3. marsha says:

    great recepies and info thanks

  4. Wendy says:

    I belong to Live Earth Farms here in Watsonville, CA. They actually deliver up to San Francisco. They offer a wide variety of vegetables and have an online newsletter so you can view what they most commonly offer during the month. The best part about it for me is that I pickup at the farm and have met the farmer, was just there this weekend picking strawberries. They also have farm events. Their website is http://liveearthfarm.net I found your website through google on how to make radicchio less bitter as a friend suggested I grill it after bathing it in olive oil and it was so terrible, I had to spit it into my napkin at dinner and that is a first.

  5. inherchucks says:

    come join my “what’s in the box?” link party! it’s all about celebrating the goodness that is fresh, local and organic produce 🙂 looking forward to seeing you there 🙂 http://inherchucks.com/2012/04/12/whats-in-the-box-21/

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