Meal by Meal – July 2008

It’s tough, you know? I’d like to keep a record of what I make each day, so that even when I don’t have the energy to style and light my food to my satisfaction (which is usually what it takes for a meal to make it into a blog post) I still have an account of how I used my box. But if I keep this record, I am forced to confront how much take-out and restaurant food I eat, along with the whole non-local, non-organic, packaging-heavy karma that stuff brings. But then, on the other hand, I have chronic fatigue and some days it’s awesome if I just get dressed, much less wash dishes and make food, so maybe it’s a boost, even, to see how much I do cook. Or maybe it’s just enough – a simple record, that was all this whole blog was ever meant to be.

What’s Left In My Box: thyme, lettuce, lemon balm, garlic, radishes, fava beans, lemon verbena, parsley, bay leaves, mint, hyssop, red potatoes, yellow potatoes, turnips, turnip greens, zucchini, green cabbage, carrots, basil, strawberries, onions, pluots

July 11, lunch: Fried eggs, hashbrown potatoes

July 11, breakfast: White peach, GF toast with butter and honey, lemon verbena iced tea

July 11, dinner: Tasty Bite and quinoa

July 11, lunch: Cinnamon beans

July 10, breakfast: Goat yogurt with blackberry jam

July 9, dinner: Tacos with cinnamon beans, roasted tomatillo salsa, cherry tomatoes, and parsley

July 9, lunch: Smoked trout salad from Boulange de Cole

July 8, dinner: Kale with kale sauce, quinoa, Deborah Madison tofu

July 8, lunch: Burma Super Star

July 7, dinner: Vegan Japanese food at Cha-Ya

July 7, lunch: Quinoa with leftover chard dressing

July 6, breakfast: Leftover tofu, turnip greens, and quinoa

July 6, dinner: Deborah Madison tofu, turnip greens, quinoa

July 6, lunch: Omelette at Reverie

July 6, breakfast: Leftover huevos rancheros made with corn tortillas, eggs, beans with garlic and shallot, and roasted tomatillo salsa

July 5, dinner: Huevos rancheros made with corn tortillas, eggs, beans with garlic and shallot, and roasted tomatillo salsa, and kale with garlic

July 5, lunch: Falafel with eggplant and potato from Blue Front

July 5, breakfast: Fried polenta sticks with butter and parmesan

July 4, dinner: Polenta with arugula and tempeh bacon, chard with walnuts, plum and strawberry clafouti

July 4, brunch: Indian buffet at New Ganges

July 3, dinner: Plantain empanadas and bean pupusas on Mission St.

July 3, lunch: Tasty Bite

July 3, Breakfast: Radishes with salt and quinoa flakes with hemp milk

July 2, dinner: Veggie dumplings with steamed cabbage, carrots, and baby red onions and soy-vinegar dipping sauce

July 2, lunch: GF crackers with Redwood Hill raw goat feta and avocado

July 2, breakfast: Indian food from New Ganges

July 1, dinner: Indian food from New Ganges

July 1, breakfast: Breakfast burrito at the Seattle airport

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