Cherries and Mint: Week of May 21st

Contents of Week 24\'s Box

My box was so full this week I couldn’t even get it all in the photograph! What a delicious, exciting, well-balanced box, too! It’s already clear that with Duck here we will need to supplement the box, especially in the department of fruit and greens for cooking, which we eat every night. However, with stir-fry mix, chard, spinach, asparagus, and beet greens, this box will come closer to keeping us supplied for the week than any I’ve had before!

You may have noticed a big slow-down on posts here. It’s a combination of several factors. I have been really, really tired, which means when I do cook up something fun I haven’t had the energy to style, photograph, and write about the meal. But also the chaos of nestbuilding here with Duck means we have been cooking fairly simply and devoting most of our energy to unpacking and getting set up!

In this week’s bountiful box:

Cherries!!!! (although not super sweet, too bad!)
Lettuce (not pictured)
Stir-fry mix (not pictured)

One comment on “Cherries and Mint: Week of May 21st

  1. Yep the season is in. We had wonderful delicious asparagus and someone gave us lots of cherries from their garden. Can’t wait for fresh garlic.

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