Baby Spinach and Hass Avocadoes ~ Week of September 12th

Here’s what came in my box this week:
Hass avocadoes – 2
Zucchini – 1 pound
Beefsteak tomatoes – 2
Cremini mushrooms – 0.4 pound
Green kale – 1 bunch
Red chard – 1 bunch
Green leaf lettuce – 2 small heads
Baby spinach – 0.5 pound
Thompson grapes – 0.75 pound
Strawberries – 1 pint
Cantaloupe – 1
Gingergold apples – 2

A fair bit of substituting this week. I’m still not caught up to the potato backlog, so I subbed out Yukon Golds for Cremini mushrooms. Same with onions – it seems like I’ve got bushels of them – so I replaced red onions with green kale. I’m trying to get back into the green smoothie habit, so I’ll hopefully be going through a lot of greens. I just bought a giant bag of oranges at Trader Joe’s, so Valencia oranges were replaced by Gingergold apples. Angeleno plums were switched out for Thompson grapes, because I’m pretty sick of plums, plus the last round weren’t even that good.

I still have a red cabbage and an eggplant left from my previous box and I’m not sure what I want to make with them. I do find that veggies I have to make more complex dishes with – as opposed to kale, say, which I can just steam and eat plain – tend to linger longer in the fridge. If I get the energy I may make some baba ganoush, though it’ll be a tiny amount with just one eggplant. Searching the internet, all anyone seems to make with red cabbage, besides slaw, occasionally, is sweet and sour red cabbage. I do have a recipe I’ve been making for years but it’s lost a lot of its luster now that I can’t eat it with cottage cheese, which was my favorite combo, with the fat richness of the cheese cutting through the acidity of the cabbage dish.

I’m adding this post to the CSA “What’s In My Box” roundup over at In My Chucks. She’s hinted at the possibility of other red cabbage recipes, so I’m eager to see what she ends up doing with hers this week!

2 comments on “Baby Spinach and Hass Avocadoes ~ Week of September 12th

  1. inherchucks says:

    Thanks for linking up! Quite the haul you got there 🙂 Lots of variety…

  2. Tammy says:

    So jealous of avocados!

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