Beefsteak Tomatoes and Red Bibb Lettuce ~ Week of August 29th

This week’s box was a pure, unadulterated CSA box, in that I forgot to check what would be coming and make any changes. Except for the fact that I am getting overwhelmed with lettuce and radishes, I am pretty pleased with everything that arrived.

Box contents this week:
Red potatoes – 3 pounds
Yellow Onions – 3
Cauliflower – 1
Green beans – 1.25 pounds
Red radishes – 2 bunches
Beefsteak tomatoes – 2
Rainbow chard – 1 bunch
Red Bibb lettuce – 1 head
Red plums – 5
White flesh nectarines – 7 (the insert that came in the box says 3 peaches/4 nectarines)
Cantaloupe – 1
Slightly melted, broken in half, but still delicious tractor-shaped piece of chocolate from Theo Chocolate in Washington – 1

Bonus chocolate! That was fun. It was looking seriously the worse for wear by the time I came across it at the bottom of the box; the plastic wrapper was full of condensation and the poor little tractor had been severed in two. But it was really good chocolate, which is really all that matters, right?

My fridge is getting way too full, I am not keeping up with the influx. I’ve changed my box order to a smaller size for next week, and hopefully that will help. The main problem, I think, is that I haven’t been able to find a place in my home besides the fridge where I can keep onions, potatoes, or garlic without them quickly going bad. So these veggies, which most people store elsewhere, are taking up the whole bottom shelf of my fridge. It’s a drag – this is prime potato season and I’d love to be able to keep a stash for the months to come, but I feel pressured to use them as quickly as possible so my poor roommate can have back the tiny corner of the fridge where he gets to keep his eggs and almond butter.

I’m trying out a couple of new cookbooks this week, both slow-cooker cookbooks. There’s this idea going around on Pinterest of putting together everything you need for a crock pot meal in a freezer bag and freezing it, thawing it the night before and throwing it all in the slow cooker in the morning, and coming home to a hot meal at night. It’s like once-a-month cooking only you just do the prep in advance. The idea has some problems (for one, I think you’re not supposed to put frozen meat in the crock pot for safety reasons – some folks are saying they don’t even thaw first, just dump it in in the morning still frozen [luckily meat safety issues fall firmly in the “not my problem” camp] – and stuff like raw potatoes and onions don’t freeze very well. I don’t think raw veggies freeze very well in general, unless you have the capability to flash freeze them.) but it piqued my curiosity about slow cooking in general, and when I investigated I found a whole slew of vegan slow cooker cookbooks. This week I’m trying, from the library, The Vegan Slow Cooker by Kathy Hestor and The Indian Slow Cooker by Anupy Singla, which isn’t vegan but most of the recipes are, as Ms. Singla doesn’t call for ghee in her vegetarian recipes. So far I’ve only tried the first book and I’m not blown away, but there will be a more detailed review to come.

Plans for my box contents this week include: melon popsicles (which I am shocked to realize I’ve never blogged, they’re kind of the best thing ever!), potato and leek gratin, perhaps a new recipe for cauliflower gratin from Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, LOTS of salads with lettuce and radishes, and a slow cooker yellow dal with tomato, red onion, and rainbow chard.

And hurray! I am finally in sync, rather than scrambling to catch up and back-post and all that, and can join in the wonderful CSA link party round-up over at that grand uniter of CSA bloggers, In Her Chucks.

One comment on “Beefsteak Tomatoes and Red Bibb Lettuce ~ Week of August 29th

  1. inherchucks says:

    Now that’s a haul!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing your yummy goodies with the rest of the party 🙂

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