Green Onions and Red Kale ~ Week of July 11th

A large rectangle formed from colorful fruits, vegetables & mushrooms, shot from above against a backdrop of red and white checked tablecloth.

So yeah, I’m a full week behind in posting my box contents. I blame grad school. I know it’s currently summer, but for the next two years that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Last week’s box was another beauty. My blog friend Tammy of Agrigirl commented on a previous box that it’s unusual for a CSA box to contain mushrooms, and I agree. It’s a wonderful, much appreciated treat and at the same time it reinforces my discomfort at Full Circle not being a “real” CSA. In next week’s (er, this week’s) post I’ll share some of  my pros and cons so far for Full Circle, and this “where the heck is this all coming from?” feeling (which I associate with magically getting mushrooms in my box) is definitely one that I’ve been musing on.

What came in my box:
Zucchini – 3
Cucumbers – 2
Cremini Mushrooms – 0.66 lb
Garlic – 5 bulbs
Bi-color Sweet Corn – 4 ears
Green Onions – 1 bunch
Russet Potatoes – 3
Red Kale – 1 bunch
Nectarines – 4
Apricots – 6
Peaches – 3
Strawberries – 1 pint

My substitutions this week were legion: Garlic instead of green bell peppers, Russet potatoes instead of romaine, red kale instead of rainbow chard, nectarines instead of Red Raven plums.

Since I’ve already eaten everything from my box I can tell you what I did with everything. I’m super into roasting right now (expect a post if I can ever get caught up!) and roasted the zucchini, corn, and potatoes. The cucumbers went into cucumber sunomono (for which I really need to post my recipe since I don’t quite love any of the ones I come across online) to accompany a tired-day treat-myself order of sushi delivery. The mushrooms and some of the garlic made for a delicious Mushroom and White Bean Paprikas (an Appetite for Destruction recipe) served over Caulipots (also AfD) made from the previous week’s cauliflower and potatoes. One of the green onions went into ramen (Thai Kitchen rice noodle ramen is soooo cheap and filling!) with some leftover roasted corn and a baby bok choy that had been overlooked from the previous week. Most of the fruit was eaten for breakfasts and snacks, however one of the apricots and a few of the nectarines went into a green smoothie with the kale.

I still have onions and garlic, which is at it should be, and also some chard and two partially eaten heads of lettuce which, looking at this list, I realize now are from an even earlier box. But other than that I’ve been very proud of how efficiently and deliciously I’ve taken care of my box contents! It’s a little amusing (bemusing?) to realize that the Harvest box is marketed towards families of 3-6 people and claims to contain 45-55 servings. I do occasionally share with others, so I probably average out to a family of about 1.3. I like the math, though, which indicates I’m getting around 6 servings of fruits & veggies a day. All right!

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