Black Plums and Bicolor Corn ~ Week of June 27th

So I’ve started up again with a CSA box. This time I’m trying out Full Circle, which is a “hybrid CSA,” where some of the produce comes from their farm and some from other local farms, and where they do make a standard “box” each week but you can also tweak it and substitute from a large list of options. Soon I will write more about why I chose Full Circle, how it’s different from previous CSA experiences, and what I think of the service so far (this was box #2, I don’t have a decent picture of box #1).

One thing I’m doing differently than I have in the past is that this time around I subscribed to the largest size, the “Harvest” box. This week’s box was so stuffed the bounty is spilling out of the frame. Or it’s just a poorly composed photograph… Either way, the produce is yummy-looking and I can’t wait to dig in to it!

Here’s what came in my box this week:
Zucchini – 3
Cucumber – 1
Bicolor Sweet Corn – 4
Red Onions – 3
Bunched Carrots – 1 bunch
Avocados – 3
Romaine – 1 head
Red Chard – 1 bunch
Green Kale – 1 bunch
Black Plums – 7
Nectarines – 5
Strawberries – 1 box

My trades this week were plums instead of pluots and green kale instead of Valencia oranges. (A CSA that lets me trade kale for fruit – that’s my kind of CSA!) I have all kinds of plans for these goodies. The fruit will go into green smoothies (along with the lettuce and kale), although I have a feeling the strawberries are just going to get scarfed up as-is.

The corn! The corn! So sweet and delicious. I’m making a batch of Fresh Corn Polenta as soon as possible, although with corn this sweet and tender I’ll only add half to the polenta as it cooks, and stir the rest in at the end.

A lot of my summer recipes, including Fresh Corn Polenta, come from Peter Berley’s Fresh Food Fast, which has menus and recipes arranged by season. I have some mint in the fridge, so the zucchini will herald the arrival of summer with one of my absolute favorite summer dishes, Pan-seared Summer Squash With Garlic and Mint.

I plan to roast the carrots with one of the red onions, probably following this recipe from Simply Recipes (only with real garlic instead of garlic powder – ew). I am envisioning (and salivating over) a rice bowl with some lovely sweet brown rice, bits of roasted carrot and red onion, some of the seared zucchini with mint, diced avocado, and maybe a few cubes of smoked tofu. Yum yum yum.

2 comments on “Black Plums and Bicolor Corn ~ Week of June 27th

  1. Ciaran says:

    Fun! I got back on the CSA wagon again recently, trying out EatWell for four boxes, since they have a pickup point around the corner. It was ok, but too much greens for my liking – you have to eat them all within a couple of days or else watch them rot.

    They also did that super annoying thing of auto-renewing and charging my credit card after the four boxes I paid for were up, and I couldn’t find anywhere on the website to turn that off so I had to complain to customer service. That pissed me off.

    I think I’m going to go back to bi-weekly farm fresh to you as I know I like the contents and the delivery is super convenient.

    • scrumptious says:

      We seem to be in sync! The farmer’s market and Whole Foods moving in totally moved me away from getting a CSA box. I love going to the farmer’s market weekly & picking out whatever looks best. But I noticed that because of my schedule, I wasn’t always around on Wednesday afternoons, and so my shopping was getting more and more heavily skewed to Whole Foods. Not ideal (although I am REALLY glad WF is there now, as I need someplace I can drive to so HSM, while wonderfully expanded, isn’t really an option for me). So now I’m back checking out the box option. Full Circle isn’t a true CSA like EatWell, though, but there are some features that make it more livable for me that I’ll post about soon.

      That’s annoying about EatWell auto-renewing you and then making it hard to turn off. 😦 Keep me posted on how you like FFTY! We can go back to comparing notes on what comes in each box as the seasons progress.

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