Collard greens and clementines ~ Week of December 29th

These red potatoes are literally the most beautiful potatoes I've ever seen. They're like gorgeous glowing gems!

This box will be my last one for a while. I take breaks periodically to reevaluate if getting a CSA box is still the right fit for my lifestyle and my budget. Unfortunately the farmer’s market near my house is closed until April, so I need a new produce plan, stat. I’ve found over the last month or so that I’m composting more than I’d like when I don’t cook certain items in time. This is always a good indication that I need to switch over to more targeted shopping, where I plan menus and get ingredients for them, rather than the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants style of having a mystery assortment of fruits and vegetables arrive every other week. I love both methods and they tend to each work best for me at different times of my life.

I know the theme of this blog is “what comes in my CSA box,” but never fear! For starters, if you’re checking out CSA services for yourself, you can still find records of the box contents of three different CSAs – Eatwell Farms, Eating with the Seasons, and my current CSA, Farm Fresh to You – over in the righthand navigation column. For example, clicking on “Box Contents – Farm Fresh to You” will show you almost two years of box contents through the seasons, letting you check out the quantity and quality of the produce throughout the year.

Beyond the cataloguing of what arrives in a typical Bay Area CSA box, this blog is intended to be a resource for what to do with all those fruits and veggies, some of which can be quite mysterious, and perhaps others of which you’ve only ever tasted cooked in the most unpleasant ways. Even though I won’t be getting a CSA box right now, I’ll still be focusing on providing plenty of inspiration for what to do with seasonal bounty, whether it comes in a box or from the market.

In the righthand column under Categories you’ll find the Menu Plan Monday link, which will take you to two years’ worth of weekly menu plans, many with links, recipes, cookbook recommendations, and photos, with every meal including a variety of fresh, seasonal produce. The Recipes section (near the top of the righthand column) is organized by category – soups, vegetable sides, main-dishes, desserts, DIY ingredients – with a notation if the recipe is vegan and/or gluten-free (they almost all are). And the tag cloud (at the very bottom of the righthand column) allows for you to search for recipes by ingredient – just click on “chard” to see posts, recipes, and meal plan ideas featuring chard. (Some veggies don’t show up in the tag cloud for some reason – just search for anything that doesn’t appear there in the “Search” box at the top of the righthand column under the calendar.)

So despite my box hiatus, In My Box will go on. 2011 has been a distractingly busy year so far and I’m terribly behind on my posting, but I have lots of fun recipes and photos just waiting to be shared!

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