A “maybe I will or maybe I won’t” vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Monday

I’ve had it marked off on my calendar for weeks. From November 28th through December 4th runs a big blue line reading “Personal Retreat?” It has been a really, really busy few months. Since March I’ve been enjoying a level of activity and socializing I hadn’t experienced since getting sick over five years ago. But even though I’ve been having a great time, now I’m in an energy deficit, so I thought it might be nice to take a week off from plans and activities and just hunker down at home.

A variety of vacuum-packed meals from Gobble Green

A few weeks ago I signed up through Groupon to get a heavily-discounted delivery of a week’s worth of vegan, gluten-free meals from a company called Gobble Green. They’re down in my giant second freezer now – seven days worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks. One of the things I spend the most energy on each week is planning, shopping, and cooking for meals, so I thought I might take advantage of having this week of prepared food to treat myself to a real break. But here’s the thing… I really like seeing my friends. I don’t have enough time as it is to see everyone I’d like to as often as I’d like. And I’m going on an actual weeklong silent meditation retreat later in December. So now that the time has come I’m finding myself reluctant to stick to this personal retreat plan.

Mostly what I want to catch up on (besides rest, which is the most important thing, obviously) is my darn Project Life. It’s a very cool photo-a-day project that I began back in January and was doing really well on. But then I started to get behind this summer and now I haven’t made it past June! My printer broke, so I couldn’t keep up with printing photos, I got behind on the “journaling” (which is writing a little card to go with each photo) because it takes a good amount of time, and at a certain point I started forgetting or actively putting off taking my photo each day. But I really want to see this project through. I do have photos for a lot of the days between June and now (significantly more than I would have if I hadn’t been doing this project), so I just need a good chunk of time to organize the photos on my computer, have them printed at Walgreen’s, and then write up the sixty million journal cards to go with each picture. This is the kind of project I never finish, so I really want to show myself I can do it. And that means getting caught up before the end of 2010.

All this is a really long way of saying I’m going to make a menu plan for this week. I do have a CSA box coming on Wednesday, for one thing. If I decide to keep running around like a wind-up toy this week, I’ll have the menu to follow. If I decide to do the personal retreat thing, I can just nosh on veggies and stuff from my box but mostly live on my Gobble Green meals and use the menu the following week. Either way I’m a winner, right?

Cranberry sauce cobbler to use up Thanksgiving leftovers

This week’s Gluten Free Menu Swap is hosted by our lovely organizer Cheryl of Gluten-Free Goodness with the theme of sweet potatoes. I have sweet potatoes left from my last box and another two pounds coming in this week’s box, so it is definitely a sweet potato menu this week! I have sweet potatoes on the menu almost every day! Good thing I love them, eh?

For a giant round-up of menu plans from all over the web, check out the Menu Plan Monday compendium over at OrgJunkie!

Kohlrabi, sweet potato, and celeriac rosti, veganized
Green salad with apple, radish, and carrots

Tuesday (defrost soup!)
Roasted root veggies with carrots, sweet potato, beets, white potato, onion, and garlic
Lentil soup (from the freezer)

Sunrise noodles with gingered greens and tofu, with baby bok choy and chard

Sweet potato, pea, and spinach curry

Pumpkin polenta with avocado salsa
Green salad with pumpkin seeds and pears

Saturday (defrost 3 C. broth!)
Acorn squash, sweet potato and apple soup
GF biscuits


What Do I Do With My Leftover Cranberry Sauce? Cobbler
Cranberry sorbet

3 comments on “A “maybe I will or maybe I won’t” vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Monday

  1. Ahhh, a week of solitude sounds like nirvana. I hope it is a peaceful, productive time for you.

  2. Sandra says:

    I hope you are enjoying your from the freezer/quiet week!

    Something I have found, though, is that when you are a cook you may be compelled to indulge even when you don’t think that you will.

  3. Tammy McLeod says:

    Your Groupon is cracking me up but I would try it! My husband is addicted to Groupons and is constantly calling me to get my opinion on the latest offer. And I would definitely do the week of solitude. That sounds heavenly to me! Check out my Wendell Berry post for a good cranberry recipe.

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