Why do I feel compelled to make terrible puns here? I don’t make them in the rest of my life. I guess I’ve just cracked under the strain of coming up with scintillating blog post titles day after day…

So what I want to talk to you about is how I made these tempeh Reubens from Vegan with a Vengeance and they were one of the best things I’ve ever eaten, ever. (I do say that a lot, I know. But I really mean it, every time!) They’re basically calculated to overload your brain with deliciousness, just layer upon layer of things that trigger the yumminess center of your brain (so basically lots of creamy fatty goodness). I’d never even had a meaty Reuben, having always been partial to corned beef on rye when I was a tiny, meat-eating, deli-going Jewish child, but now that the vegan version has entered my life it is here to stay!

So get this: you take two slices of bread and you butter one side of each slice. Then you fry both sides in a pan. With the buttery side facing outward, you layer on tempeh that you’ve marinated in a savory marinade, slices of avocado, and a big pile of sauerkraut (homemade in my case). Then you pour an amazing version of a vegan thousand-island dressing all over the top of your stack and top it with the other slice of fried bread. I added some mustard to the sandwich, which is probably totally inauthentic but I’m a mustard addict, and it seemed like a good fit. Serve with a crisp dill pickle and maybe a chocolate egg cream? I didn’t think to make one this time around but it seems like just the right accoutrement to push this whole thing completely over the top!

2 comments on “Reuben-esque

  1. mangocheeks says:

    Scotland has a large Jewish community, especially in the West of Scotland, but I’ve never seen reuben featured here until I got some American cookbooks. I have VWAV and this recipe has been bookmarked a while. Looking at your homemade reuben looks mighty fine to me and is encouraging me to make it soon, esp as I have jarred tempeh and jarred sauerkrat. My husband D would totally insist on the mustard too.

  2. cheryl says:

    I’m a pun-girl myself…you’re in good company.

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