In which I blatantly plagiarize a vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Monday

It’s Monday at 11:35pm. I am just barely scraping in under the wire on the whole “menu plan Monday” concept. I have absolutely no ideas. For once, I don’t have a bunch of recipes left over from the previous week. I don’t even have a CSA box coming this week to provide inspiration. So I’m going to take advantage of the fact that everyone else has already posted their menu plans and make my plan out of their meals. As my favorite guilty-pleasure show, Leverage, would say “Let’s go steal a menu.”

For a huge round-up of recipes from all over the web, check out the Menu Plan Monday compendium over at OrgJunkie!

Vinegret (Russian beet salad) from this week


Butternut squash lasagna with spinach, beet greens, VCon cashew ricotta, and vegan bechamel (this is leftover from yesterday)
Green salad with radishes and scallions

Tofu aloo gobi
Brown rice

Wednesday (from Catzlover’s Cooking)
Veggie burgers
Sweet potato fries
Green salad

Thursday (defrost 2 C. veg broth)
Good Shephard’s Pie (from Two Vegan Boys) with mushroom gravy
Steamed broccoli

Friday (defrost noodles!)
Pasta with vegan soy-free meatballs and pasta sauce (from Zom G.)
Savoy cabbage with cumin seeds

Black eyed pea, kale, and millet bowl (from happyveganface)

Sushi rice bowl with brown sushi rice (from Beyond Rice and Tofu)

Lunch: Vegan chilaquiles (taking inspiration from the corn tortillas in my fridge that are about to go bad)

Shopping list: Sweet potatoes, tomato, salad stuff, carrots, soy yogurt, Earth Balance, vegan cheese, canned corn, kale, tofu, cucumber, avocado