Green grapes and rapini ~ Week of September 22nd

Grr…. Do you know what’s not fun? Unpacking a nice CSA box and taking a picture of it and thinking about how lovely and abundant it looks and then finding out I didn’t get two of the things I was supposed to get. And one of those was potatoes. And we all know how much I love potatoes. I am feeling really cranky now. This is absolutely not the first time this has happened either. Money is a bit tight right now, and getting shorted on my CSA box is NOT helping me feel easeful about the expense.

Here’s what actually did come in my box this week:
Melon (1)
Green grapes (1 lb)
Bartlett pears (2)
Chard (1 bunch)
Tokyo turnips (4 turnips, with greens)
Rapini (1 bunch)
Baby bok choy (2 heads)
Mixed heirloom tomatoes (2 lbs)
Red radishes (2 bunch, 1 is I assume to replace the peppers that are on my veto list)
Fennel (1 giant bulb)

What didn’t come:
Fingerling potatoes (1 lb)
Basil (1 bunch)

4 comments on “Green grapes and rapini ~ Week of September 22nd

  1. Michele says:

    Contact your CSA! Mine always supplies the missing things in my next box.

  2. Tammy McLeod says:

    i love those fingerling potatoes. I’m not sure why since I don’t think they probably taste different but the size and the shape add a lot.

  3. Yep, I hear ya! It’s the main thing that makes me consider dropping my box. We happily spend $35, but don’t want to have to go do lots of extra shopping – especially when we’ve got a menu planned using the promised ingredients.

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