Pluots and lemon cucumbers ~ Week of August 11th

Another nice summery box, with pears thrown in, which totally make me think of fall. It has been a tremendously busy week so far, but having a menu plan really does help. Having homemade hot pockets tucked away in my freezer was awfully helpful, too. And having the easiest, best cauliflower recipe in the world on hand doesn’t hurt either – I made it twice in three days!

Here’s what came in my box this week:
Watermelon (1 small)
Pluots (1 lb)
Mixed summer squash (1 lb)
Cauliflower (1)
Mixed heirloom tomatoes (1 lb)
Slicing tomatoes (1 lb)
Mixed cherry tomatoes (1 basket)
Mixed cucumbers (1.5 lb)
Basil (1 bunch)

I think I got extra pluots and cucumbers. I am guessing the pluots were to substitute for the sweet peppers other people got (I love that FFTY has a veto list!) and the cucumbers were to make up for the cucumber missing from my box last week.

One comment on “Pluots and lemon cucumbers ~ Week of August 11th

  1. Love the lemon cucumbers! We accidentally grew them this year and we are really enjoying them. I always peel them though since they are so prickly. Are yours prickly enough that you want to peel them? Or is it just me?

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