Just the facts for a vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Wednesday

Sigh. I love posting my menu plan on Mondays, when I can play with all my friends and swap comments and be part of the GF Menu Swap and the OrgJunkie Menu Plan Monday compilation. But lately Monday has been exactly the wrong day to plan. I’m also less likely to make a menu plan for the week when I’m too busy to select and edit photos to accompany a post. But I need to plan my menus. Meal planning keeps me on track, saves me money, and means there is always delicious, healthy food in the house.

So no photos, no fun stories, no theme ingredient, no links to round-ups. Just a Wednesday menu plan to take advantage of the Wednesday farmer’s market by my house.

Wednesday (defrost tempeh)
Chilled tomato soup with shallots, cucumbers, and corn (Fresh Food Fast, 100)
Warm green beans and new potatoes with grilled onions (FFF, 102) and lemon-pepper tempeh croutons

Pizza with kalamata olives, vegan mozarella, and chopped salad (FFF, 130)
Pan-seared summer squash with garlic and mint (FFF, 131)

Szechuan-style tofu with eggplant (Vegan Express, 56)
Fatiguer’s-style gai lan

Chana masala (Vegan Express, 99)
Curried cashew quinoa (Vegan Express, 93)
Salad of chopped tomato and cucumber with Annie’s Goddess dressing

Sunday (cook 1 C. brown long-grain rice ahead of time)
Golden tofu triangles with rich peanut sauce (Vegan Express, 46)
Steamed broccoli
Nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice) with homemade kecap manis

Tortilla casserole with pinto beans and spinach (Vegan Express, 105)
Green salad with citrus vinaigrette
Baked sweet potato


Shopping list: 1.5 lbs tomatoes + 2 med tomato, 1 cucumber + 4 Kirby cucumbers, 1 lb green beans, 1.5 lb new potatoes, 1 ripe avocado, 1 lb summer squash, 1 jalapeno, broccoli (or suitable substitute), 2 long Japanese eggplants, 1 tub tofu, bok choy, gai lan, corn tortillas, vegan cheese, 1 sweet potato


3 comments on “Just the facts for a vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Wednesday

  1. Renee says:

    yum, yum! The Chana masala sounds good to me right now. Might have to make some soon!

    And I know what you mean about Monday not being the right day to plan…I’ve been having the same trouble!

    Have a great week!

  2. Green V-Neck says:

    I totally get it, Mondays are not the right day. I scribbled down a list of meals on an index card on Sunday then promptly lost it.

  3. Tammy McLeod says:

    Mmmm. Tortilla casserole with pintos and spinach jumps right out at me. Love those golden tofu triangles too.

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