Red grapes and green beans ~ Week of June 30th

It has been a crazy, crazy month. Super busy, mostly eating out and Amy’s and grabbing little bites here and there. No menu planning, no trips to the store, a week out of town… But then this morning I rushed out the door only to discover my CSA box sitting on the stoop. I’d forgotten about it completely, so finding it there was like getting a magical visit from the Food Fairy. Suddenly there was fruit, there were vegetables. There was food again in my house!

The first thing I made was an Epic Salad. That’s a salad that starts out as, “Hmm… nice lettuce in my box today, maybe I’ll make a salad,” and ends up with more and more wonderful ingredients tossed in. This one ended up as leaf lettuce, tempeh bacon, spiced pecans, grated carrots, avocado, and red grapes. It was truly epic!

In this week’s box:
Red Flame grapes (1 lb)
Seasonal melon (looks watermelon-like from the outside) (1)
Yellow peaches (1 lb)
Red chard (1 bunch) (was supposed to be corn but they ran out)
Zucchini (1.5 lb)
Nantes carrots (1 bunch)
Heirloom tomatoes (1 lb)
Hass avocados (3) (instead of Gypsy peppers, which I hate)
Leaf lettuce (1 gigantic bunch)
Green beans (1 lb) (these were already rotting when I opened my box up the afternoon of the morning it arrived, which was a real bummer!)
Basil (1 bunch)

2 comments on “Red grapes and green beans ~ Week of June 30th

  1. veganhomemade says:

    That’s a fine lookin’ salad! My green beans were fine, but my lettuce was very sad and wilty by the time I got to put it in the fridge.

  2. Salad looks delish! I love crispy red grapes. Sorry about the green beans. I lveo fresh green beans and mine aren’t producing yet. 😦

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