Blueberries and beets ~ Week of June 2nd

This week was an extra jam-packed box o’ delights because Farm Fresh To You replaced the two items that had been left out of my previous box. There is so much stuff I really love to cook in this box! Cauliflower, beets, bok choy, broccoli, potatoes – it’s pretty much a total winner. The two heads of lettuce (one makes up for last time) are even welcome, rather than overwhelming, thanks to the delicious jar of Vegan Express vinaigrette I have in the fridge, ready to top any and all salad fixings.

This week’s box contained:
Honeydew melon
2 bunched of beets (1 from this week’s box, 1 replacement)
Butter lettuce
Red leaf lettuce
Baby broccoli
Klamath Pearl potatoes
Yellow peaches
Baby bok choy

Much of the box has already been spoken for on my most recent menu, thanks to the ability to look ahead at what will be arriving from the farm. Now I’ll start fantasizing about what to do with the rest!

One comment on “Blueberries and beets ~ Week of June 2nd

  1. I have been enjoying the challenge of developing recipes from my CSA box. Love your ideas!

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