Easy winter feasting with a vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Monday

This week’s menu is a killer meal plan. Everything on here is super scrumptious and incredibly easy to make. It’s a little lighter on the green veggies and heavier on the tofu than our usual meal plans, but hey, it’s winter, we’re tired, and we just want something simple and yummy to fill our tummies. I even have many of the recipes here on the site, so if you have copies of Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengeance, you can play along at home! The only thing on here I don’t have the recipe for yet is the braised green cabbage with cumin seeds. I used to make this all the time many years ago and now have no memory of how I made it or if it was even actually braised. But my mouth has been craving it lately so I’ll see if I can let my sense memory guide me back to how to make the dish.

Monday: Socca de Nice with olive tapenade and creamy garlicky butter beans

Tuesday: Corn quesadillas with tofu cream cheese, kale with kale sauce, salad of Fuji apples and hearts of palm

Wednesday: Potato and tofu stew with miso gravy (Vegan With a Vengeance) over savory porcini millet

Sweet Potato and Kale Soup with Fennel Seed

Thursday: Kale and sweet potato soup with fennel seeds, tofu-dill salad (similar to tofu “egg” salad) with GF crackers (Vegan With a Vengeance)

Friday: Shitake-tofu bi bim bap (Glorious One-Pot Meals) with home-fermented radish and roots kim chee

Saturday: Burritos with rice tortillas, homemade pinto beans, rice, olives, salsa, and guacamole, GF chocolate cupcakes (The Allergen-Free Baker’s Handbook)

Sunday: Smoky broiled tempeh (Veganomicon), braised green cabbage with cumin seeds, quinoa

Don’t forget you can check out loads more menu plans over at OrgJunkie!

One comment on “Easy winter feasting with a vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Monday

  1. Your menu sounds SO GOOD! I really want to make some kim chee!

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