A Glorious One-Pot vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Monday

During my great Dutch oven quest (both the quest to acquire the Dutch oven and the subsequent quest to find something vegan and gluten-free to cook in it) I kept coming across references to a Dutch oven cookbook, Glorious One-Pot Meals, by Elizabeth Yarnell.

I ordered it from the library and when it arrived I was pleased to see it had a pretty large vegetarian section with interesting-sounding recipes. There are a few that call for eggs or rely on cheese to the extent they can’t be veganized, but (if you include pasta recipes where GF pasta can be subbed), there are about a dozen recipes that could be prepared both vegan and gluten-free.

While reading the back cover, I was bemused to see that Yarnell has patented her Glorious One-Pot Meal process. I’m not sure how you can patent a cooking process (as opposed to a particular piece of cooking equipment) but I am excited by her method. It seems to work a bit like a slow-cooker and bit like lasagna – you layer your ingredients, which may include dry lentils, rice, pasta, or polenta, as well as liquid, vegetables, and spices, into the Dutch oven, and bake the whole thing in the oven. 45 minutes later, she promises, you have a Glorious One-Pot Meal.

If this works, I will be over the moon. We had a brief flirtation with slow-cooking, but everything turned out in monotone – one texture, one flavor – it was convenient (sort of) but just not appealing. But we find ourselves getting cranky and exhausted when we make meals that end up calling for every pot and pan we own. My favorite dessert cookbooks are Andrew Schlosser’s One-Pot Dessert series, and I would be thrilled to learn a similar technique for easy dinners.

So this week we’ll be giving this cookbook a major test-drive. It has to go back to the library at the end of the week, so Glorious One-Pot Meals gets seven chances to blow us away and make a case for becoming part of our permanent collection. Hopefully next week I’ll be able to give a review of the recipes and maybe even post a stand-out or two.

The Gluten-Free Menu Swap is hosted this week by the fabulous Kimberly of Gluten-free is Life. Her theme of the week is GF pizza, and I just seem to be all out of step with the Swap themes the last few weeks. No pizza on this week’s menu as it’s all one-pot, all the time, but I am excited to check out all the other pizzas! One of my favorite pizzas I’ve ever made is my Umami Pizza – I’ll have to make that one again sometime soon! And for a huge round-up of menu plans, check out the giant Menu Plan Monday compendium over at OrgJunkie!

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce and Sticky Rice (p. 174)

Israeli Tempeh (p. 182)

Thai Curry with Tofu (p. 200)

Farmhouse Pasta (p. 178) subbing Peppered Cashew “Goat Cheese” for the goat cheese (start cashew cheese the day before!)

Boulder Polenta (p. 168) using just tofu “ricotta” (VCon) instead of the tofu and cheese mixture

Aloo Gobi (p. 164)

Sesame-Shitake Tofu(p. 192) using homemade Sesame Dressing rather than store-bought

9 comments on “A Glorious One-Pot vegan, gluten-free Menu Plan Monday

  1. Kelly B says:

    I have been looking for a Dutch oven. I imagine it will take about three weeks to figure out what one I want. 🙂 Looks like you got a great recipe book too. 🙂

  2. […] In my Box is making a series of one-pot meals this week.  Again, polenta has caught my eye!  A mention of a Mexican pizza made on Udi’s crust also caught my eye – I love to sing the praises of Udi’s! […]

  3. Laura says:

    Yum! The sesame-shitake tofu sounds especially good. I’m curious to hear how this method works out for you. I, too, struggle with finding balance in my weeknight cooking–it’s overwhelming to end up with a lot of dirty pots & pans (especially for my husband, who does the dishes).

  4. Kathy Hester (geekypoet) says:

    You menu looks yummy. I’m a huge slow cooker fan so I need to see if some of these would work in there.

    Let me know how the goat cheese goes!

    • scrumptious says:

      Kathy, I think the whole point of the technique is to get slow-cooker type ease without actually using a slow-cooker. You cook these dishes on really high heat – 450 degrees – so I am not sure how things would convert. I will be very curious if you try it out. If it works it could take it to the next level of convenience!

  5. Courtney says:

    ohh i am going to have to check this one out! i love one pot meals and using my dutch oven, good to know they have veggie recipes!!

    and to answer your question to me, yes you can totally do kale but it does have a noticeable taste!

  6. I was excited to find your post today and learn that you’ve discovered my cookbook! This is a great technique for vegans as well as the gluten-free since every ingredient is completely substitutable for an acceptable one.

    I’m dying to hear what you thought of my cookbook, recipes, and cooking method: how did it go for you? By this point in the week, I would guess that you feel pretty comfortable with the Glorious One-Pot Meals method? I’m always available to answer questions and/or troubleshoot any problems from my site at GloriousOnePotMeals.com.

    Happy cooking!
    Elizabeth Yarnell, author

    • scrumptious says:

      Hi Elizabeth! How exciting to see you here! We actually just made our first attempt last night – it took us several days longer than we expected to make our grocery trip this week. Israeli Tempeh was not an unqualified success, but we are looking forward to trying again tonight. Thank you so much for the offer of troubleshooting. I am really excited about learning this method and making it work for us. I haven’t been this excited about a new cooking idea in a long time! I’ll post more about the method and book when I really have had the chance to try out several different recipes. (I picked one with rice, one with polenta, one with pasta, etc., so I could check it out in many different forms.)

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