Satsumas and kale ~ Week of December 2nd

Sauteed radicchio with thyme fritatta

We missed out on a box last week – just spaced out and forgot to cancel it before we left for Duck’s dad’s house Tuesday night to start the big Thanksgiving prep. Luckily we remembered before we left and Duck ran down the street to ask our neighbor if he would pick it up off our porch the next morning. Duck said he was thrilled – he wanted to make a salad, but didn’t have any salad veggies in the house. We saw him when we got back from Thanksgiving weekend and he raved about the delicious apples and persimmons. Has community supported agriculture made itself another convert? I hope so!

Now that our box newsletter doesn’t come with a list of what’s in our box (grumble, grumble, this is the most useless CSA newsletter ever… but it does make sense now that FFTY offers about 20 different types of box each week) I need to get the list off the FFTY website if I’m not quick enough to write it all down before we put it away. This means I have the info for where each item comes from (which is of course an awesome aspect of getting a CSA) and I thought that might be interesting to record as well. (FFTY does have an option among their many boxes to get a “Valley Box” with only produce from the Capay Valley. I am leaning towards switching to this one after seeing how far some of this produce has traveled. No apples, and we do love our apples, but the Valley Box gets Meyer lemons!)

I need to stop reading the description of what’s in the regular-sized box. They are getting radicchio this week which is only my favorite thing in the entire world. Now I just feel deprived! Here’s what’s in our small box:

Satsuma Mandarin Oranges (Capay Farms – the FFTY farm, 90 miles)
Rome Beauty Apple (Washington, 900 miles)
Napa Cabbage (Capay, 90 miles)
Green Kale (Capay, 90 miles)
Baby mixed lettuce (Capay, 90 miles)
Yellow Onion (Fresno, 190 miles)
Nantes carrots (Capay, 90 miles)

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