Green beans and butter lettuce ~ Week of September 30th

We switched to the smaller CSA box because we’ve been doing a lot more meal planning, which usually means planning in advance of getting our box and trying to make menus that fit together based on more than just what comes in the box. This has been working out well – we get to maintain our connection to and support of the farm, and we have some veggies and fruit coming in even on those weeks when we don’t make it to the store in time. The only problem is that the newsletter tells us the contents of both the small and the regular size boxes, and it always seems like the regular box is having more fun!

Here’s what we got this week. This was a size “small” box. As usual everything was of excellent quality:

Gala apples (2 lb)
Red grapes (1.5 lb)
Red chard (1 bunch) (instead of the peppers we ask them to leave out)
Broccoli (1 crown)
Green beans (1 lb)
Butter lettuce (1 head)
Heirloom tomatoes (1.5 lb)

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