Spearmint and yellow nectarines ~ Week of July 22nd

This week’s box was a fruit salad-lover’s dream, with three kinds of fruit and a delicious bunch of mint. Too bad no one here but me likes fruit salad… We used the mint in a lentil salad instead.

Cherries (1 lb)
Cameo apples (2 lb) (these look gorgeous but their taste & texture is not so great)
Yellow nectarines (4)
Globe eggplant (1 big one)
Yellow squash (1 lb) (the kind that is shaped like zucchini – possibly is zucchini?)
Gypsy peppers (.5 lb) (because we keep thinking they got our request for no peppers, but apparently it hasn’t gone through)
Broccoli (1 crown)
Heirloom tomatoes (2 lbs)
Cucumbers (1 big one)
Spearmint (1 bunch)
Nantes carrots (1 bunch)
Yellow onions (1 lb)

One thing I really, really like about FFTY is that they keep those yellow onions coming. They are such a staple, and if memory serves, Eatwell didn’t cure onions and only sent them fresh and in season. That was a nice thought, but we were always having to run to the store for more onions!


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