Squash and more squash ~ Week of July 1st

There just isn’t that much to do with pattypan squash. (That’s the yellow squash that looks like flying saucers.) And we’ve been getting 1.5 to 2 lbs every week! Farmer B roasted it, thinly sliced and spread out in a pan, with red onions. She put it in with pesto and pasta, and that was phenomenal. But it’s getting harder and harder to get creative with the stupid squash, and it just keeps coming!

Other than the squash attack and some gross grapes, this week was a pretty nice box. Sorry about no picture, but I’ve given amounts.

Green grapes (1.5 lbs)(too sour to eat, also mushy. yuck)
Plums (1.5 lbs) (we put these in a clafouti…)
Valencia oranges (2 lbs)
Blueberries (6 oz)
Pattypan squash (2 lbs)
Red leaf lettuce (1 big head)
Basil (1 bunch)
Nantes carrots (2 bunches)
Red onions (1 lb)
Fingerling potatoes (1 lb)
The newsletter (which I am using to reconstruct what came in this box) says “Mixed Peppers 1 lb” but I know they subbed something for us. Maybe broccoli?


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