Pesto Potato Pinenut Pizza

Sometimes everything your boyfriend brings home from the farm is so yummy the two of you just have to cook it all up and throw it into a delicious, to-hell-with-gluten-free-eating Vicolo cornmeal pizza crust and you have to eat every bite because it’s just that darn good and you’re probably not allergic to wheat, anyways, right? Right.

What are other peoples’ secret glutenous temptations? French bread? Chocolate cake? Oreos?


Mine is Vicolo cornmeal pizza crusts, which with a name like that should be gluten-free but sadly the first ingredient is wheat flour. But there’s just nothing else like them. I dream of their crunch, their heart-meltingly good flavor, bold enough to stand alone, tender enough to cradle and enhance all the lovely things Duck harvests from the ground.

Crisp slices of grilled eggplant, garlicky sauteed spinach, barely toasted pine nuts, oven-baked new potato slices, homemade vegan basil pesto, and diced tomatoes from a tin. Each ingredient on this pizza demanded its own cooking method (not counting that not-particularly-laborious stint with a can opener) but it was so worth it to have each vegetable singing out at its very best.

4 comments on “Pesto Potato Pinenut Pizza

  1. Arundathi says:

    ohmygoodness that pizza looks so good! and its only 9 am here! šŸ™‚ thanks for the lovely comment – I’m so excited to have discovered your blog! you have a wonderful writing style!

  2. Judie says:

    I would love to have you share this wonderful recipe with my readers:

    All my best

    • scrumptious says:

      Judith – thank you for the invitation, but this isn’t really a recipe – it’s more of a photo-post, I suppose. I don’t really have instructions for how we prepared the potatoes and the eggplant and so on, so I don’t think it would be that useful of a resource! Your potato recipe index looks cool – I am excited to explore it!

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