Gypsy Peppers and Shady Ladies: Week of August 6th

It has once again been a long while since I’ve picked up a box. While I was in New York I was anxious about missing out on summer bounty by not being home for my July boxes. But for me, summer bounty means an abundance of summer fruits, which isn’t really the focus of the Eatwell box. I don’t actually care much for tomatoes, and, while I’m not at the freak-out stage some people get to during zucchini season, I feel entirely neutral towards summer squash, which has been a weekly staple all summer.

A new addition this week was Gypsy sweet peppers. I can’t eat bell peppers anymore, but that’s because their skins don’t agree with my stomach, and the reading I’ve been doing about Gypsy peppers seems to say they have thinner and more tender skins than their bell cousins. This gave me hope until I did an image search for Gypsy peppers, which turn out to be long and slim. Mine are large and squat and dark green and, frankly, they look like bell peppers. So we’ll see what happens… Only time (and digestion) will tell.

In this week’s box of summer bounty:

Heirloom tomatoes (3 medium)
Cherry tomatoes (a large strawberry-basket full)
Shady Lady tomatoes (4 small)
Cantaloupe (a good-sized one)
Zucchini (1 large green, 1 small yellow)
Nectarines (2 small ones)
Peach (1 large one, unfortunately mostly mushed)
Onions (3 lovely white ones)
Albion strawberries (1 pint basket)
Peppers of some sort (Gypsy? Bell?)
Basil (a large healthy bunch)

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