Cherry Tomatoes and Pluots: Week of July 9th

It was very exciting to get our first tomatoes in this week’s box. Our newsletter again said each box would contain either summer squash or cucumbers, and, having some time on our hands, I will admit that Duck and I looked through several boxes to see if we could find the cucumbers. Having already been the recipients of the summer squash box for several weeks running, I really wanted those cucumbers! But they were nowhere to be found. Will I soon join those traditional summertime legions of folks with their ever more creative uses for zucchini?

Here’s what was in this in this week’s box:

Cherry tomatoes
Turnips, and turnip greens
Rainbow chard
Lemon verbena

One comment on “Cherry Tomatoes and Pluots: Week of July 9th

  1. Ms Heather says:

    oh, and are pluots a hybrid between apricots and plums, or what’s the deal with them? i know i could just google…. but inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

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