Tomatillos and Huckleberry Potatoes: Week of July 2nd

Another box went unphotographed – car accident business is sucking up all my spare time and is not having a good effect on morale, besides. But I do want to record what came in this box, which was a very “brand-name” box – many of the goodies were identified in my newsletter by variety.

Albion strawberries (these are the sweetest and tastiest of the Eatwell varieties)
Huckleberry potatoes (these have red skin and pink flesh)
Summer squash (2 zucchini and one yellow zucchini)
Tomatillos (a nice big bag – hopefully I won’t char them to death this time)
Plums (very green/orange/pink and dusky)
Slo-bolt arugula
Easter Egg radishes
Green chard
Green cabbage
Carrots (so lovely and tender – I had actually been missing carrots!)
Italian basil

One comment on “Tomatillos and Huckleberry Potatoes: Week of July 2nd

  1. Carolee says:

    Thanks so much for keeping this blog! During the week of the fourth of July we went out of town, so I distributed the contents of our Eatwell box among some of my friends. One of them was so enamored of the pink potatoes and kept bugging me to ask Eatwell what they were. Because the Eatwell newsletter links all seem to be down, I turned up here. And now she knows about Huckleberry potatoes. THANK YOU!

    Oh, and thanks for the recipes and musing, too. 🙂

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