Out of my box

In My Box will be on a short hiatus while I travel the Midwest seeing family. Duck will hold down the fort at home (and make sure the rats have their kale!) while I head to Chicago for my cousin’s PhD graduation ceremony and Michigan to visit my sister. I feel a little anxious away from my box – not because I have a compulsive need to be near it at all times, but because it is so complicated to be a guest in other people’s homes when I have to say, “No meat, no wheat or gluten, not too much dairy…” It’s really the no-wheat thing that leaves people at a loss as to how to feed me, especially on hectic days with lots of events crammed in. Join the club, guys – I have no idea how to feed myself under those circumstances, either! Although I know my visit to my sister – who first sparked my passion for cooking and who has been my constant companion in food-lust, across several continents – will be very much in the manner of Box, Michigan-style.


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