Bay Leaves and Parsley: Week of May 14th

Contents of Week 23 Box

Picking up my box this week had a slightly different feeling to it. Saturday I went out to Eatwell Farm for one of their summer Strawberry Day events. Many Eatwellers gathered to pick strawberries, tour the farm, and ask many questions about chickens! I want to write up that whole visit in another post, but for now I’ll just say it was really sweet to see where the food comes from, and to meet Nigel who owns the farm and whose voice I know in newsletter-form.

When I was unpacking my box at the pick-up site, filling some paper bags to take my goodies home with me, I almost overlooked the small spray of leaves at the bottom of the box. I wondered if some stray foliage had gotten caught in the packing process! I’m glad I thought to check my newsletter to confirm that these were, indeed, a planned box item, and now I have fresh bay leaves! There was also parsley and thyme in the box. Herbs seem to last a long time in my magic fridge, and it is great to have fresh herbs of all sorts on hand.

In the herbalicious assortment:

Stir-fry mix
Flat-leaf parsley
Turnips, with greens
Fava beans
Sugar snap peas
Bay Leaves

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