Radishes and Arugula: Week of April 30th

A full palette of colors in this week’s box: to complement a host of shades of green there were gorgeous pink and white and magenta radishes, vibrant red strawberries, purple kale in the stir-fry mix, dark burgundy tips on the lettuce, blushing yellow grapefruit and the sexy, sexy green and blue eggs I’ve been waiting to see return since October. (They look white in the bright sunlight in this photo, but trust me, the minute I opened the egg carton I started rubbing my hands at the sight of their pastel beauty and muttering, “My precious…”)

In the rainbow box this week:

Stir-Fry Mix
Green Garlic
Sugar Snap Peas
Fava Beans

One thing that’s kind of a bummer is that, for the second week in a row, the strawberries just don’t taste that good. In our newsletter this week Nigel wrote about the challenges of picking perfectly ripe strawberries that will survive the truck ride to San Francisco, and also wrote, “we are trying to grow produce that tastes like you picked it from your own garden.” I remember the taste of strawberries from my garden growing up. I usually don’t bother buying them at the store or farmer’s market unless they have at least a hint of that really intense sweetness. The two baskets I’ve had so far from my box are pleasant enough – certainly not unripe – but not even of the caliber I’d take home with me from the supermarket. It makes me wonder if the variety they are growing just isn’t that sweet or something. Well, I’m super excited to go to Strawberry Day at the farm – I’m sure I’ll have many more opportunities to talk (and taste!) and figure out what the story is.

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