Romanesco and Kiwi: Week of March 12th

The contents of Week 17’s box

I haven’t looked forward to picking up a box this much since the early days! Because I’ve been away from home for the better part of the last month, I let my box subscription expire, so it’s been a long three weeks since my last pick up. I finally worked my way through the lettuce backlog (at one point the entire lower shelf of my fridge was taken up with bags of lettuce – they still aren’t eaten, but they are now washed and dried and in a tupperware waiting for their cue), and the refrigerator was down to nothing but condiments.

I felt like a giddy girl off to a first date when I headed for my pick-up today. Here are the contents of the handsome box who met me there:

Stir-fry Mix
Green Garlic
Navel Oranges

One comment on “Romanesco and Kiwi: Week of March 12th

  1. […] a huge, lovely bunch of swiss chard arrived in this week’s box, I jumped for joy and ran out to the corner health-food store to […]

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