Green Garlic and Tangelos: Week of February 13th

This week’s box arrived and took its place in the refrigerator beside the contents of many, many boxes of the past. I have been so tired lately that I have been cooking and eating only the simplest things – kale with rice, plain whole fruit, spinach and eggs. Anything that requires thought or planning or a recipe has been relegated to rare occasions, and meals that require a paper menu and a phone have had more of a starring role over the last couple of weeks. But my box continues to bring me fresh promises from the land of real food, and I’m feeling my energy start to return. So we’ll see what I make of:

Pink Lady Apples
Tokyo Turnips
Green Garlic
Polar Bear Spinach
Green Onions
Red Cabbage

One comment on “Green Garlic and Tangelos: Week of February 13th

  1. Ms Heather says:

    Hi dear Lailah. I saw this blog and thought you’d enjoy it:

    Hope you’re feeling more energetic soon.

    As I’m sure you know, super-simple arugula/apple salad is always delicious. Citrus/spinach salad with toasted walnuts and a hint of garlic is also a simple favorite of mine.

    Love you.

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