Aphid Update

[For an update on the aphid situation, look behind the link below…]

A couple of weeks after writing an unhappy post about aphids, I finally got around to reading the newsletter that came with the box following the aphid-nightmare box. Here is what Eatwell has to say: “Thank you all for your patience in dealing with the aphids this time of year. ..[An explanation of why organic farming means it’s impossible to keep the aphids away entirely.] The crew tries hard to harvest only the plants that appear aphid-free, but these bugs are clearly difficult to see. If you receive produce with aphids, please let [us] know as soon as you can. We’ll happily send a replacement with your next delivery.”

Well. That makes me feel a lot better. I get such a backlog anyways that I probably won’t ask for a replacement, but it’s good to see I’m not just supposed to suck it up and eat the creepy buggers. It sucks for the farm, though. They must have to toss a lot of produce!

One comment on “Aphid Update

  1. […] [APHID UPDATE: See this post for an update on how the farm is dealing with the aphid situation detailed […]

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