Tat Soi

I have no photos, no adventures to recount or culinary masterpieces to share, but the tat soi was so lovely it deserves a mention rather than slipping quietly from the box into anonymity.

[For the rest of this post, which contains no photo, follow the “more” link below:]

Last year I had a single, favorite meal. I would eat variations on it, and I wouldn’t eat it every night, but once or twice a week (or more) the basic structure would be followed: Brown rice or quinoa, steamed. Dark leafy greens (kale, chard, mustard, etc.) or broccoli, steamed or sauteed. Tofu, sauteed in a pan, following a very simple Deborah Madison recipe. It made me happy, it made my body feel healthy, and it was easy and didn’t take a lot of thought or time. I never got sick of it.

I got out of the routine when I moved for about 8 months to Massachusetts, where I didn’t have my own kitchen. Since my return I’ve been cooking a lot of Indian and just generally trying new things out, especially now that I’m trying to follow the flow of my box. I’ve also really been trying to avoid tofu and other non-fermented soy products, so that’s put the kibosh on the constancy of this particular meal. But tonight it was lovely to revisit it, and the tat soi was both the inspiration and the undisputed star.

I steamed my rice, I cooked up my tofu. I cooked the tat soi following the unforgettably delicious bok choy recipe I documented in an earlier post. I put it all on a plate and it made me happy, and healthy, and a little nostalgic, and most definitely well fed.

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