Cauliflower and Cabbage: Week of November 28

I did end up switching to every other week, so I waited 2 weeks for this box. And boy, was I ever ready for it by the time my pickup day came! But for some reason the contents just weren’t that thrilling to me. All good veggies, but nothing that made me dance around in joy. No dark greens for cooking, for one thing, and veggies just aren’t veggies to me without them.

Cauliflower (medium head)
Broccoli (1 medium crown)
Lettuce (1 1/2 small heads red leaf)
Pink Lady Apples (3)
Wakefield Cabbage (1 medium head)
Crimson Grapes (1 long bunch)
Arugula (1 large bunch mature)
Italian Parsley (1 large bunch)
Carrots (7 small/medium)
Leeks (4 or 5 small)
Diane Sweet Potatoes (2 medium, 1 large)

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