Apples At Last

My mom is a master of kitchen magic. On nights when I would look into the fridge and pantry and see a barren wasteland, incapable of supporting human life, she would look and see… dinner. One of the meals she would make appear seemingly from nowhere was Cottage Cheese Pancakes. This simple dish was a favorite in part because I loved to beat the egg whites until they stood up in fluffy peaks, and in part because it tastes really, really good.

I don’t really eat cottage cheese anymore, but I had bought some for my mom’s visit last weekend so today I had some in the fridge. Cottage cheese pancakes definitely seemed in order. Our family’s traditional accompaniment is applesauce or jam, so I decided to finally turn my overflowing paper sack (containing many boxes’ worth) of Rome Beauty apples into applesauce.

This was an amazing process. I left the gorgeous burgundy skins on slightly fewer than half the apples, and I watched with awe as my applesauce became rosier and rosier, finally ending up an almost fuchsia color. Sadly it doesn’t actually taste that stellar – better than store-bought, of course, but less robust than your typical homemade applesauce. Still, with color like this, this applesauce can get away with a lot, as far as I’m concerned – if I have to doctor it with some sugar or lemon or ginger, it’s worth it. And I’ve been snacking away on it as-is quite happily all day, so while Rome Beauties may not be the perfect saucin’ fruit, they surely do the trick anyhow.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Rome Beauty Pink Applesauce

Cottage Cheese Pancakes (originally from the Tassajara Bread Book)

6 eggs
6 T. flour
1/4 t. salt
2 cups cottage cheese (nonfat for a very light, fluffy pancake, low/whole fat for a meltier, cheesier pancake)

Separate eggs. Beat egg whites until stiff and set aside. Mix yolks with flour, salt, and cottage cheese. Gently fold the egg whites into the yolk-flour-cheese mixture. Fry like regular pancakes on a greased pan. Makes about 24 small pancakes. Serve topped with applesauce or jam, or just enjoy plain.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes with Rome Beauty Pink Applesauce

One comment on “Apples At Last

  1. Heather says:

    I’m so excited you’ve taken the applesauce recipe and run with it!! You reinspired me and I made a batch of applesauce last night with the last of the farmers’ market apples I had from a few weeks ago that were starting to get soft and funny-looking. I ate some warm out of the pan and I may make my applesauce nut bread with the rest. 🙂 But you gave me pause beside the cottage cheese in the supermarket the other day . . . mmmm. cottage cheese pancakes!


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