Spinach, Radish, Mandarin

Spinach and Pumpkin Seed Pesto Omelette with Radish Salad and Mandarin Orange

What a breakfast!

Today I sauteed the entire bag of “crocodile” spinach with some garlic and olive oil. Then I tucked that inside an omelette (made from my CSA eggs, of course) with some leftover pumpkin-seed pesto. It was completely luxurious – my omelette browned and fluffy and full of iron and other good-for-me stuff.

And check out that radish salad! How gorgeous is that? I made it from a recipe that came in the CSA newsletter. I think the black sesame seeds (which I subbed for regular sesame seeds) are an especially nice touch with the red and white of the radishes. And there was this one radish that was white on the outside with red stripes inside. Food this lovely is why I subscribed to a CSA.

The recipe for the radishes was basically a few tablespoons of rice vinegar, some sugar, some salt, and some black sesame seeds, poured over two bunches of thinly sliced radishes which were marinated overnight. Then the liquid was drained off (I saved mine for future salad dressing) and a tablespoon of sesame oil was added. Toss, chill, serve. The radishes are not bitter at all – they are quite tender and sweet from their time stewing in the vinegar. A perfect, if unusual, breakfast side.

3 comments on “Spinach, Radish, Mandarin

  1. […] I tried wearing it as perfume. I mixed the lovely pink leftover vinegar-sesame seed liquid from the radish salad with a touch of the walnut oil, threw together some lettuce, arugula, and a nice ripe persimmon, […]

  2. kyoko says:

    yum yum yum yum, i think you should become a chef, lails. it combines so many things you love: food, cooking, beauty, eating, nutrition, community, science, pleasure…

  3. […] a week I wash and wash my spinach, saute it with some garlic and olive oil, and fold it into an omelette, or tuck it under some poached eggs, or eat it alongside something like the (unfortunately not very […]

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