Yum, yum, yum! I just finished off the last of my frozen grapes. They were incredible. I can’t believe I went my whole life until now without knowing about freezing grapes.

Frozen Grapes

The first grapes I got from Eatwell were a bunch of crimson grapes, nice and firm how I like them. But then the successive two bunches were green grapes, kind of lacking in texture, and a bit intimidating. How I dislike squishy grapes! The CSA newsletter suggested that I freeze them, and I imagined a kind of watery, icy pellet, bereft of much flavor. But then it seemed like everywhere I turned I was seeing references to grape freezing – online, overheard conversations. The universe was sending me a clear message.

So I washed ’em, dried ’em, and stuck ’em on a flat surface in the freezer. Then I transferred them to a freezer bag when they were frozen through. And oh man, the first time I put one in my mouth… Flavor so intense, yet so refreshing. I may never eat another merely cold grape again!

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