Scarlet Turnips and Mandarin Oranges: Week of November 14

Rather than type up the amount of each thing that came in this week’s box (full of treats!), I thought I’d convey it visually instead:

Contents of My Box

Here’s what I got to add to my already brimming fridge. There is some great variety here – little overlap with what I have left (just the carrots) and no lettuce! I have to say I am pretty darn excited and everything looks gorgeous.

Crocodile Spinach (that’s it there in the back half of the bowl)
Napa Cabbage
Rome Beauty Apples
Red Scarlet Turnips
Stir Fry Mix (this is in the front half of the bowl – it has baby red chard, some baby tatsoi or bok choy or something, and other young greens)
Oh, and there being so decorative at the fore of the photo is my lemon verbena wreath that I was so proud of making from my first ever box.

I was thinking tonight about my box, and about what it has been like these past weeks to have my produce picked out for me. I am pretty particular – one reason I never buy produce at Trader Joe’s (besides the horrific waste of packaging) is that they have chosen your fruit or avocados or whatever for you and encased them in plastic – you can’t stroke or sniff or otherwise check out the goods before choosing them. But everything that has arrived in my CSA box has been so fresh, so beautiful, so peak, that I haven’t once felt anxious that someone else is making the selection of which actual piece of fruit or bunch of greens I get. I realize this may get dicier in other seasons, where we’ll be dealing with things like tomatoes and summer fruits that need to be perfectly, exactingly ripe, but so far I give high kudos to the quality Eatwell has provided.