Crimson Grapes and Red Kale: Week of November 7

This box was also brimming with fresh greens, which is terribly exciting, although I’m a bit sad to be running out of onions and garlic. Wonder if I’ll have to resort to buying those? I suppose in the long run it is better to buy onions and garlic, which I can store up a supply of, rather than having to run out every week to supplement fresh veggies.

Carrots (8)
Lettuce (3 small bunches of what looks like red leaf)
Red Kale (1 gorgeous bunch)
Persimmons (4 – hard)
Crimson Grapes (firm and sweet – a small bunch)
Butternut Squash (1 medium-large)
Broccoli (2 tender stalks)
Escarole (1 huge bagful)
Spinach (1/2 bag, still on rosettes)
Radishes (about 12, ranging from tiny to large, plus a nice bunch of greens on top)

2 comments on “Crimson Grapes and Red Kale: Week of November 7

  1. Hey Scrumptious!
    Thanks for visiting my CSA blog (… It had never occurred to me that other people were blogging about their CSA experiences…. so I am very happy to find you…

    Talk about CSA envy….
    Grapes?!!!! You got grapes?!!!! Oh, I could go on and on…. then I went and saw that you are in what I imagine is the land of eternal growing season, while we are heading into winter here in New York City, and the farmer is getting ready for his winter vacation (our CSA ends the week after Thanksgiving)

    take care, Margaret

  2. scrumptious says:

    Hey Margaret!

    Thanks for coming over here to visit. I’m glad we found each other, too. I’ve found a couple other people tracking their CSAs – they are in the blogroll over to the right, along with the link to your blog.

    I’m realizing from reading all these East Coast CSA blogs that I am truly spoiled by my access to year-round farm-delivered produce.

    I feel so grateful. I have chronic fatigue and the amount this has cut down on grocery shopping has been a huge boon to me, so I am feeling really appreciative right now of having this support continue even in the winter.

    Looking forward to sharing more glimpses into each other’s CSA experiences!

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