Fuyu Persimmons and Tokyo Turnips: Week of October 31

This is a very full-feeling box. Perhaps because there are so many wonderful fresh greens – my favorite!

Romaine Lettuce (2 bunches)
Fuyu Persimmons (4) (harder than I’d like – we’ll see if they ripen at home)
Spinach (a great big plastic bagfull, still on their rosettes)
Rome Beauty Apples (3 or 4)
Bok Choy (2 Bunches)
Tokyo Turnips (4 or 5 radish-sized turnips on a bunch of greens)
Chard (a good sized bunch)
Arugula (A huge bunch of mature arugula)
Sweet Potatoes (3)
Carrots (5 small carrots)
*Bonus* 3 Ears of Corn that are not part of the box value, put in because they are the end of the crop and many of the ears are not fully formed.

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